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 Chapter Four:Horned Tail and The Battle To The Death

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Chapter Four:Horned Tail and The Battle To The Death Empty
PostSubject: Chapter Four:Horned Tail and The Battle To The Death   Chapter Four:Horned Tail and The Battle To The Death Icon_minitimeSat Nov 17, 2007 1:47 am

We are in the part of Chapter 3.
We have defeated the secrets of the scaryest hanted house ever and now in peace.
Then after we went to or moms and dads (in the game) for Thankguiving of defeating the main secrets of the and only hanted house in Mastervia.

Some thing was stolen from the makerts.Something... somthing.

The secrets are still between Mastervia's Towns people.
Mabye the Professer knows it all...


To be coutiend
From : Matesword Jr.Master

Chapter Three:The Secrets between The Haunted House

Mastervia was still not a full Country during the investigation they found a scary house.The 4 maplers walked to a car. It was an a car that travels to the Haunted House. So they got into the car and went to the big scary House.
At the Entrance of the Haunted House there was a severest.He needed firewood but they had to kill the toy horses the ones that are crazy.It wasn't easy because it uses a super high wind thats from hell.
They got 60 and the house was warm again.(I skipped the old man and the maple investigates).I saw a girl who wanted her doll and i got it. After i went to the teased sister and i had to get the earnings from the toy dolls and get those earnings.After i gave the earnings i got the doll and gave it to the little girl.
I heard someone in the factory.He was the owner of the toys and the house so i had to climb the stairs of toys to the big machine creating the big toys.He said to give the doll to the girl and she gave me the old one.
He got the old doll that brings along curse making evil Toys.

Chapter Three:Part 2 of The Haunted House Chapter

I went to the Owner of the factory and he gave me a doll to give to her daughter the little girl and switched with the cursed doll and then i had to destroy the whole massive Toy monsters. Each 50 kills of it he will give me an award and he did it and the Curse still lives there but the Toy army is crushed in members of the curse to this very day of the House.

Chapter Four:The New Christmas Town and the Snowman War

Everyone was like wow but they lost stolen presents from monsters of evil so everyone started killing and got a lot of stuff but one thing was bad if the Giant Snowman comes they will be forced to kill it And they did.
The Snowman said"HA YOU LITTLE TINY WORN DIE~!" The Maplers
Shocked into pieces of dirt and starting fighting with magic and normal attack but it didn't work.Lucky some guy told them use the dam snow balls
but it grew and grew into A giant Snowman so they battled to the death
but they success's the war and he exploded.

Chapter Four:Horned Tail and The Battle To The Death

When the New Day was born we have Destroyed the Evil Part of Ossyria
And Victoria Island but then we saw a New Airline at the bottom.It says
Ride a Bird To Leafre. People were like WHAT BIRD?
The Manger Opened the New Gate to the Flying Transport to Leafre
Vice Versa To Ossyria.

What will Happen To the Maplers? War? Or Death?
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Chapter Four:Horned Tail and The Battle To The Death
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