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 [Menbers Notice] Matesword's Unable to log on

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[Menbers Notice] Matesword's Unable to log on Empty
PostSubject: [Menbers Notice] Matesword's Unable to log on   [Menbers Notice] Matesword's Unable to log on Icon_minitimeSat Dec 29, 2007 3:39 am

?Matesword's been gone?
Well due to my Internet Access Modem been damaged for a long time but due to repairing from Sympatico Internet Severice by a telephone phone line that goes like a high speed train in 1 sec it goes to bell then to the internet company,but one of the places the train stops and reflects back into the modem and the DSL flash's out.

[About full people and members off line]

Well i have a problem about those people who keep getting off line and those active expelling Jr.Masters so no one can expel because you been explling
people from the guild that are friends so you are ruining the Whole Guild
just to get active people for Guild Party Quests or just to add and expel.
I can take it anymore but i need some help to stop this madness,but i been expecting lately some of you been adding and expelling the good people.

[The Future of Maple Story]

I have Notice that 4th job is coming into maple story in January in 2008
and the new online Game coming into Nexon Global.

P.S = I could expect happiness with not expelling the guild and i am not proud of that.
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[Menbers Notice] Matesword's Unable to log on
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