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 Patch 0.48 Events [Ended]

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Patch 0.48 Events [Ended] Empty
PostSubject: Patch 0.48 Events [Ended]   Patch 0.48 Events [Ended] Icon_minitimeThu Jan 03, 2008 2:52 am

Guess who is Back?
Fake Bosses Notes

AHAHAHA-HAHAHA, Maplers of all global i will ruin New Years day for everyone.I have a big Surprise to come out of nowhere

Oops i guess some guy tipped that(lol)

Welcome back double and doubled doubled exp with some doubled drops.

Also we have Maplemas V.S Versmas in New Leaf City and Happy ville~!

Nothing Else BUT ATTACK OF THE PIRATES the new Party Quest added By

nexon those pirates will get their pay back

From: Matesword Jr.Master

P.S.= This Event is now over sorry~!
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Patch 0.48 Events [Ended]
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