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 Hackers are on the lose

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Hackers are on the lose Empty
PostSubject: Hackers are on the lose   Hackers are on the lose Icon_minitimeFri Feb 08, 2008 3:43 am

Ecko is one of the greatest hackers alive today. Though his intentions are unknown his main purpose is to compete against
his two rivals particularly L33t4Lif3 and iZod (also known as powerful hackers). Ecko has hacked more than 1 thousand accounts in gms.
Once Ecko has your ign, it is all he needs to gain access to your account. But worry not, on Dec. 17 2007, Ecko was arrested by the secret police
for use of 3rd degree hacks which were considered such a threat that even the legislation of defense were advised to take caution using computer software that had access to the internet. Ecko and can he really get your account info just from trading or is this just a rumor? If he's able to hack people just like that, can he still be able to hack me if I change my password and pin?

Due to this there is another rival that is Exidis. And yes, he packet edits. There was a screen of him as a spearman in maple island giving away free stuff to the islanders.
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Hackers are on the lose
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