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 [Patch] Ver 0.52 [Events]

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PostSubject: [Patch] Ver 0.52 [Events]   [Patch] Ver 0.52 [Events] Icon_minitimeTue Mar 18, 2008 9:19 pm

In the Peaceful Leafre long time ago was raised by furry animals but monsters attacked the fields and the Dangerous Parts of Leafre.
Down the Great Dragon Cayon a Great beast raised up from his sleep and
hears the people slaughtering his army. Now that he has waited he will
face the Mighty Global Maple Story characters and try to destroy them.
His name was Horn Tail and he has Seven-parts of his body also has body guards of only one head left and right.
Horn Tail Final Battle and Register in Horn Tail Pq is Realsed

The Party Quest Called Monster Carnival has realsed Lv.30-50.The Npc will be found in Orbis,Kerning City and Ludiburim name Spiegelmann.
You can get coupons and get free items~!

eh I'm lazy heres the events

-Horntail[Quests Lv.80+]
- Moira's Whereabouts
- Hero's Mark
- Badge of a Squad Member
- Secret Medicine for Transformation
- The Last Hour of Horntail
- Horntail's Cave:Left head Area -
- Horntail's Cave:Right Head Area -
- Horntail's Cave:The dead End -
- Horntail's Cave:Exit [Success] -
- Horntail's Cave:Exit [Failer] -
- Horntail(Full Body)
- Green Cornian (Cave)
- Dark Cornian (Cave)
- Red Wyvern (Cave)
- Blue Wyvern (Cave)
- Dark Wyvern (Cave)
- Skelegon (Cave)
- T-Skelgon (Cave)
- Jr. Newtie (Cave)
- Nest Golem (Cave)
- Soul of Horntail(Full Body)

Horntail Cave[Skills and items]
- Cornian's Marrow
- Certificate of the Dragon Squad
- Nine Spirit's Egg
and much more....

-Monster Carnival
- Carnival Fields 1 -
- Carnival Fields 2 -
- Carnival Fields 3 -
- Carnival Fields 4 -
- Carnival Fields 5 -
Brown Teddy
Toy Trojan
King Block Golem
Master Chronos
-Monster Carnival[Items]
- Carnival Point 1
- Carnival Point 2
- Carnival Point 3
- Party Mana Elixir
- Party Elixir
- Party Power Elixir
- Party All Cure Poison
- Mini Cube of Darkness
- Cube of Darkness
- Stunner

-Hackers are all banned

-Cash Shop
- 2x EXP Card (4 Hours)
- 2x Drop Card (4 Hours)
- Superstar Headphones (Hat)
- April Fool's Day Packages (gender friendly!)
- Baby Lupin Cape (Cape)
- Celestial Crown (Hat)
- Elephant Slippers (Shoes)
- Zhu Ba Jie Package

check out the Cash Shop!
-Easter Event[Quests]
2008 Easter : Easter Basket (Maple Administrator)[Expire next patch]
- 2008 Easter : Mad Bunny's Easter(Yellow Eggs Lv.-30)[Expire next patch]
- 2008 Easter : Mad Bunny's Easter(Green Eggs Lv.30+) [Expire next patch]
- 2008 Easter : Mad Bunny's Easter(Golden Egg)[Expire next patch]

Easter Event [Monsters]
Yellow Eggy Popp[Removed after Easter Event]
Green Eggy Popp[Removed after Easter Event]

[More items added to random bosses]
- Mark of the Squad 1
- Mark of the Squad 2
- Mark of the Squad 3
- Zakum Certificate
- Papulatus Certificate
- Pianus Certificate

Happy Mapling lol!
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[Patch] Ver 0.52 [Events]
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