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 The New Era Ver.53 GMS

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The New Era Ver.53 GMS Empty
PostSubject: The New Era Ver.53 GMS   The New Era Ver.53 GMS Icon_minitimeSat Apr 05, 2008 8:20 pm

The Beginning of the New Era has Started.

We have received that hackers got new hacks so we have to be careful.

1.Yes 30 day Ban Mu Lung is still there.
2.Do not accept trade's.The hackers can ban/ Delete characters.
3. If hackers sees guild.If not full get in (by hack of course) and hack leader
and poof its gone.We also know Snowpartol has been dismissed by a hacker
so please put your name and we will re invite you back as soon this New
Era is done also till the hackers plans are fired.

Matesword Jr.Master.Stay legit Scainains~!

Edit:The New Era Ver.0.53 is over but be warned for Ver.0.54 Era
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The New Era Ver.53 GMS
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